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Flamebar BW11 fire rated ductwork is fabricated from galvanised sheet steel to an enhanced standard. It is then degreased and sprayed with a coating using a specially formulated water based compound. The coating contains selected mineral filters in a low permeablility elastomeric binder to a thickness of 0.7mm minimum to give a finished product which has been successfully tested for international use under Cellulosic Fire Conditions for 4 hours duration.

The unique BW11 coating has a number of distinct benefits:

  • The provision of in excess of 2 hours insulation when handling internal gas temperatures of 400°C

  • A reduction in base duct construction thickness or gauge

  • Reduction in duct reinforcement

The system has been successfully tested for international use, under cellulosic fire conditions, to give in excess of four hours fire resistance in the event of a fire.

It can confidently be specified and installed for:

  • Smoke extract

  • Car park extract

  • Kitchen extract

  • Stair pressurisation systems

For product brochure, please download here.

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